China 3/4″ External/Male Bsp/NPT Thread Quick Release Coupling, Pipe Fitting, Zinc Plated coupling contractions

Solution Description


Specification OEM production – according to customer’s drawing or sample.
Casting Bodyweight 0.1KG-300KG
Casting Normal ISO ,DIN, AISI, ASTM, BS, JIS, EN, AS and many others. 
Casting Tolerance CT7-CT8.
Floor Roughness Ra0.05-Ra50.
Warmth Therapy Normalizing, Annealing, Quenching,  Tempering,  and many others.
Casting Content High quality ductile iron(QT1050-6)/(QT800-5)/(QT600-5), Grey iron, Stainless steel, Carbon steel.
Casting Procedure Sand Casting Resin sand
Coated sand
Clay sand
Iron primarily based coated sand
Investment Casting
Lost Foam Casting
Vacuum method casting
Finish Sand Blasting,  Zinc Plating, H.D.Galvanizing, Spray-Paint, Passivating,Polishing,Electrophoresis, ,Machining,and many others.
Inspection Products Test equipment: Spectrum Analyzer, Hexagon CMM, Hardness examination products, Pressure take a look at equipment, E-coating screening equipments, Metalloscope.
Dimension Inspection CMM, Projection Equipment,Calipers, Top Gauge, Micrometer Calipers, Within Caliper Gauge, Angle and R Gauge,custom-made gauge, and many others.
Product software Automobile, railway, building, mining, agricultural equipment, mining equipment, petroleum equipment, engineering machinery, shipbuilding,etc.
Sample creation cycle 30-forty five Operating times.



After-sales Service: 5 Years of Warranty
Warranty: 5 Years of Warranty
Material: Ductile Iron
Connection: Male
Process: Investment Casting
Surface Preparation: Sand Blast
US$ 20/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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